Bagram Airfield

Bagram Air Base houses the United States Army airfield and the United States Air Force with the housing compels that is based in Parvan Province. The air base is 47 kilometers on the northern side of Kabul and 11 kilometers in the southeastern side of the city of Charikar. This is the home base to the 101st Airborne Infantry Division and serves as the staging area for the air missions in the entire Afghanistan.

The air base is built with 10,000 foot runway that serves as the landing for bomber aircrafts and large cargo planes.  The base was first established when the Soviet invaded Afghanistan but was improved when the Americans took over the base. When the American came to the place, they added more improvement to the air base such as new office buildings and barracks as addition to the existing old infrastructure that were constructed during the early period of Bagram. Many of the housing in the base, establishments and buildings built by the Soviets were destroyed during the fighting with the Afghan fractions.

The base includes 32 acres ramp space and five dispersal areas which comprises of over 110 revetments.  The United States government put more than $200 million budget for the improvement of Bagram Air Field which now has three large hangars, one control tower and many buildings. It also includes several shops, recreational establishments, restaurants and housing facilities for the thousands of military personnel. Bagram Theater Internment Facility which is a detention center which was criticized for the treating the prisoners badly was also built. The second runway that is 11,500 feet long which is longer and 11 inches thicker than the first runway was built and completed on 2006 by the US military.  This is capable of landing large aircraft such as C-5 Galaxy, C-17 Globemaster III and the Boring 747.

At present the air base is under the control of the United Stated Army division that is headed by a major general. The large part of the base which is more or less about half of the area of the entire base is under the control of the United States Air Force. The US Air Force is mostly responsible for the flight line, areas for air mission resources and the ramp. The US Air Force is in the base to support the mission of the US Army in the accomplishment of its mission.

Bagram Air Base is home for the 10th Combat Aviation Brigade Task Force and the 3-10 GSAB (Task Force Phoenix) of the United States which includes the United States Army 455th Air Expeditionary Wing and other U.S. Marine Coast Guard, U.S. Navy, U.S. Coast Guard and NATo/ISAF allied partners make up the population of the air base.

Bagram Air Base had many significant attacks in their history such as the 2007 Bagram Airfield bombing killing 23 people, 2008 Veterans Day attack at the base and the 2009 car bombing outside the airbase which killed three civilians followed by the June 2009 attack that killed two US soldiers and injured six other personnel.

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