Al Udeid Air Base

The United States of America has never ceased to lay peaceful agreements with other Nations. It is with the same drive that on the winter of 2002, (December) an agreement between the U.S and Qatar was met. This was one that was to allow the Americans to access and use the Al Udeid Military base. It wasn’t just an agreement, but a move of ensuring that the Qatar skies and neighboring regions would be free from invasion or any other terrorist threat.

This military base is located in Doha (the Qatari Capital) 20 miles away from Qatar. It is for a fact the only base with the longest runway in the region. Costing the U.S 1.4 Billion dollars, its runway stretches at 2.8 miles long. This factor has facilitated it to be able to house 120 jet planes. It was initially built to allow the United States to carry out operations that particularly involve the Middle East region as well as the Afghanistan.

When the Sheikh Hamad, of Qatar, said that he urgently needed 1,000 U.S military men on his soil, perhaps he didn’t know that would be a dream to come true. The Base is home to the United States largest Air Force Wing. Known as the 379 Expeditionary, it is the most diverse of all Air Wings. It has a support staff that exceeds 90 jet fighters and aircrafts, combat support from the U.S and other regions. These are the Royal Army of the U.K. and the Australian Military as well.

Just one year after it was in operation, the Al Udeid Military Base, saw the war in Iraq a reality in the making of history. The key aircraft that took part in this war were the C-130 Hercules, the RAAF F/A- 18 Hornet and the P-3 Orion. With its large air base, these fighter jets were able to carry out multiple Military combats from Doha to Afghanistan. The RAAF F/A-18 fro instance, flew at longer distances to cover the missions. This was as long as six hours on the dangerous skies. Mainly, this was to protect and escort the AWACS tankers and aircrafts. Refueling was also done while this air missions continued to facilitate the completion of the war in Iraq. Supplies and humanitarian Aid was flown into the war torn Iraq, by the Hercules. Baghdad was also favored by receiving Aid from the American military.

 All these operations were carried out due to the urgency of facilitating peace and calmness as was the agreement. Thanks to the 911th and 434th refueling Wings, the American aircrafts took the skies for hours without having to touch down.  Armed with KC-135, B-52 bombers, KC-10, EA-6 aircrafts, the Al Udeid Air Base has proved to be an arsenal of its own. This Base is monitored by the E-8C and F-16, fighter jets, to ensure that it remains operational at all times as expected. With more frequent staging of air units, involving the transfer of machinery and Arsenal into and out of Iraq, this Base has seen the beginning and completion of more missions than you can think of. Advancements on ways to implement the Bases basic weaponry system are continuing to this day.

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