Riyadh Air Base

Over the time, Saudi Arabia has been known for its extensive and rich oil production. As with many Nations having similar resources, it was evident that this Nation needed a support defense plan. With this in mind, the best location to set up a military Air force Base would be its Capital, Riyadh. After a series of discussions and continuous evaluation, The Riyadh military Air force Base was established. It was sited XXN OERY on a pilots airport codes.


The Chief criteria behind constructing this Air base, was to have a site where military training could take place. This site had to be in close proximity to the Nations Capital, and it actually ended up being in the Capital. As done with other Nations, the United States of America came into agreement with the Saudi Empire to have this base as a spot to base their Army as well. It is a peace initiative aimed at building strong links between the U.S and Saudi Arabia. The below are pilot coordinates of the Air Base:

  • Type: It serves as an airport (regional)
  • Variations of magnet: 2.40 East.
  • Service mode: no airline services
  • Elevation of field: 2081ft/ 634m MSL
  • Latitude: 24.70980/ 24 42.58704 N / N24 42 36
  • Longitude:  46.73520/ 46 42.502038 E / E045 43 30
  • Codes (airport): XXN OERY

This site not only serves as home for the United States Military, but for the Saudi royal Air force just as much. These combination sites as a training camp for internal and external missions. The Saudi Air force in conjunction with the U.S Air force, decide to run this program in many other different bases alike, within the Nation. Some of them are the King Abdul Aziz military Air Base.

The King Abdul Aziz Air Base

Towards the East of The Nations Capital, just 300 miles off the Persian Gulf, is where this site is located.  The main activities undergoing here, are training drill and combat procedures as conducted in the Riyadh Air base. The major operations are the C-130 and F-15 combat operations. Leave lone the fighter jets there are also the “KC-135 fuel tankers” (aircrafts). It was an unfortunate blow, that these fighter machines had to be redeployed, after a terrorist attack in 1996, June. It left a casualty on 20 American military soldiers and more numbers injured. Due to this, inhibits of the air base were moved to live in the nearby village, known as Eskan.

History files:

Having been a facility for military operations, the Dhahran now serves as a refueling plant. This site serves to aid the Riyadh Air Bas as it refuels aircraft that move fro and to Saudi Arabia. This has been its purpose from way back in 1940s. Popularly remembered for the operation desert shield, a whooping 90% of troops and armor passed through this location. Riyadh Base had to be in close proximity to such a historical site, for the purpose of security and shipment policy.

Now known as an established entity in the Saudi Arabian Gulf, it offers lifestyle and amenities to its dwellers at very cheap prices, for the purpose of comfort. Many serving there call it home away from home.

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